Private coaching

health & nutrition

Your well-being story starts with self-care. A lifestyle plan that focuses on Health & Nutrition is just the beginning. Proper diet, regular exercise, quality sleep, fulfilling relationships, and promising lifework are all important factors in overall health and well-being.

personal development

Personal Development coaching helps you to explore your core values; establish life goals; and adopt a growth mindset. The coach and client relationship is effective for creating change plans in areas such as lifestyle balance, personal finance, career exploration, and more.

stress management

Stress is a natural response to changes that occur in our lives. Stress Management coaching focuses on identifying stress triggers and implementing the response that is most appropriate for the situation. Coping with stress is a key factor of healthy lifestyles.

digital wellness

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Digital Wellness focuses on using digital tools to help maintain healthy lifestyles. It also focuses on the importance of healthy use habits in regards to screen time, gaming, workspaces, and more.