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Lifestyle Balance & Wellness

A Holistic Self-Care Program

Commit to a Year of Change!

The Lifestyle Balance & Wellness Program includes

private coaching sessions

phone check-ins

health education

Are you committed to making lifestyle changes that will help you improve your overall health and wellness?

How does the Lifestyle Balance & Wellness Program Work?

This program is designed to help you change your lifestyle and improve your overall health.

It includes four private coaching sessions, three check-ins, and ongoing support for six months.

You should participate in the Lifestyle Balance & Wellness program if you are

  • interested in learning about healthy eating

  • looking for simple ways to stay active

  • trying to balance work, family, and social life

  • need help with prioritizing and accountability

The Big Goals of the program are to lose weight, exercise, and manage stress.

  1. Lose 5% to 7% of your total body weight to start

  2. Increase your physical activity level to 2 1/2 hours per week

  3. Develop strategies for managing stress

Anyone can participate in this coaching program. All activities can be completed online or by phone.

Be Active

move your body throughout the day

Eat Well

eat foods that provide your body energy

Feel Calm

equanimity, evenness of mind, composure

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit


Daily Movement

Action Planning

Healthy Eating

Physical Fitness

Nutritional Balance

Meal Prep

Stress Management

Email to sign-up for the Lifestyle Balance & Wellness program.